New York Fashion Week, Part 3 (Gary Graham, Michael Angel, Prabal Gurung, Juan Carlos Obando,

A definite "disheveled ladies" look (ha, peep the alliteration!), but there's something weirdly attractive about this mish-mash of clothes. Actually, let me take that back. It's not a mish-mash, even though it does look like the way to achieve this look is to put on at least four pieces of clothing from your closet -- even if that means wearing three shirts. I'd say the most wearable outfit is the second to last, but even that has a lot of extra fabric. For translation to real life, I'd say just go with slouchy layers, not sloppy ones.

How can I put this lightly? Michael Angel hit it out of the park with this one. Caveat -- this isn't a collection for everyone. But who knew latex and florals went together so well? I would love to see someone experiment with this look in real life. Love the oxfords, and I absolutely adore the latex coats.

Usually, I can't stand Charlotte Ronson. I've never really gotten the hype. But this season, she went with a girly-grunge look, and if I may say so, she nailed it. There's nothing overly "I only listen to The Cure and paint my soul black" nor "Let's frolic in the Swiss Alps" about these looks (not that there's anything wrong with either) -- I find this collection to be firmly between the goth and girly. All in all, a good showing.

Check out that trompe l'oeil sweater around the hips! Very clever, indeed.

This was definitely love at first sight. I don't know what this material is called... it's that wetsuit stuff, I believe. Paired with softer fabrics, it stands out in an invigorating fashion. Ha, sorry -- I'm waxing poetical today. But really, don't you think this looks cool? Look at the second and fourth outfits. Those pockets! This would probably be an easy DIY to do (with a sewing machine. Don't be a masochist.)


  1. Wow, these are amazing! I am seriously having a hard time picking which one I loved most :D
    All of them I'd say.


  2. omg...........those michael angel prints...............god..........

  3. I know, right? When NYFW started out, I was a little worried, but then I saw Michael Angel and Ohne Titel and I breathed a sigh of relief. I'm really impressed with the level of creativity this season. :)


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