1. Never, ever, ever leave off doing your laundry and cleaning your room for three weeks. It's so not worth it. (I'm learning this the hard way right now.)

2. Does anyone else think that The Pickup Artist is a really dumb show? I mean, good for the guys that they have confidence, but I'd rather not watch a show about guys learning how to trick girls into banging them.

3. Is anyone else kind of anxious for the next batch of fashion shows? I crave something new!

4. I wish Joe Strummer were still alive. :(

Matthew Williamson for H&M

As I'm sure you all know, hot on the heels of Comme des Garcons, Matthew Williamson is going to design a summer collection for H&M. Well, they certainly picked the right season for him to design!

This...could be interesting.

Photos: www.style.com

Invoking Picasso...

I'd say I'm going through a blue period, but that would be every day of my life up till now... (har har har).

Inspired by this picture I found on
Le Blog de Betty (which I love, by the way),

I'm thinking of painting the heel of my Isaac Mizrahi for Target blue...or yellow...something bright. Does anyone know what will work? I should probably find out what kind of material the heel is made of, but I haven't the slightest idea right now, and I don't have the box anymore. Also, I'd like paint that won't scuff up when I go out (but I don't tend to scuff my shoes anyway), but that I can take off with maybe nail polish remover or water or something. Help!!

Photo: Le Blog de Betty

Kai Kuhne

I was just looking through Fall 2008 RTW collections for a little inspiration when I stumbled across Kai Kuhne*.

Unfortunately, I won't be dressing like that any time soon, but... a girl can only dream, right? I just love that buttery leather and those metallic wools. Plus, the structure of that first jacket is curiously cool. Love the quilted miniskirt as well.

* There are some accents in the name, but I just can't be arsed to figure out how to do it.

Photos: www.style.com

Topshop Finds

Just went browsing through their "New In" section and saw a couple of things that caught my eye. I hope the links work for a while (*crossing fingers*).

This bodycon dress by Alice McCall. Viscose, nylon and elastane with contrasting body panels of black, pink and gray. Seems to be short, but I can't really tell.

This frilled sweater reminds me of the Iceberg leggings I wrote about.

There is this feathered collar, but you could probably make that for less than $60.

Can somebody please tell me what "treggings" are??

Would You Wear These Leggings?

Style.com has this little article about leggings becoming a designer silhouette. They imply that leggings suck because Lindsay Lohan likes them -- but since designers have got their hands on them, it's okay to like them. (Yeah...okay.)

Would you wear these leggings?

They are, in order: AF Vandevorst, Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Iceberg, Rad Hourani and Viktor & Rolf.

I would actually wear all of these. I think they're pretty nice. However, some of these are tights and some are leggings, so I think that style.com should have made more of a distinction between the two. They are NOT the same thing! (I will slap you if you go outside wearing tights as pants. But think of it as a loving slap, mmkay?)

Photos: style.com

Untitled by silentspring

Looks like I'm obsessed with nude colors, red and black. Too bad I own NOTHING in these colors!!!

Oh, the agony!!!

It's been eight months since I have gone shopping. I'm going stir-crazy. I need a job ASAP!!!

So of course, I'm going to torture myself with a list of things I want.

From Forever 21:

Well, according to this, it seems like my style is "Schoolgirl Gone Bad" or something. Oh boy, I'm going to get some weird Google search results with that phrase... Well, either that or Rihanna fans.

In the Nude

Looking around the blogosphere (I love that word), I've seen a lot of nude shoes. Inspired by Tokyobanhbao, I decided to look around for some nude shoes that weren't heels. Chiggedy-check it out.

nude shoes by silentspring

I soooooo want the pair to the left in the second row. My latest obsession is high-top anything.

*grumble grumble*

Yeah, I really love how it's not even 6 PM yet and it's pitch dark outside. Dear fall/winter, some things about you really really suck.

I suppose I should be happy I don't live in Sweden where it's dark out at like noon. Ugh, whatever!

Weekend Update

Went back to school for homecoming. Had an awesome weekend, left my temperley x target dress up there like a doofus.

Costumes seen: joker, joker nurse, mafia men, geisha, schoolgirls, palin, ann coulter, mccain, etc.

Good times!