Topshop Finds

Just went browsing through their "New In" section and saw a couple of things that caught my eye. I hope the links work for a while (*crossing fingers*).

This bodycon dress by Alice McCall. Viscose, nylon and elastane with contrasting body panels of black, pink and gray. Seems to be short, but I can't really tell.

This frilled sweater reminds me of the Iceberg leggings I wrote about.

There is this feathered collar, but you could probably make that for less than $60.

Can somebody please tell me what "treggings" are??


  1. i love the name of your blog, btw.

    & treggings...i'm gonna have to find that out!

    La C

  2. treggings means a cross between a trouser + leggings, usually thicker than leggings and longer . hope that answers ur q!
    + i love that alice dress too ! amazing x

  3. Seralouise - Ah, I figured as much. They sound *really* comfortable, actually...

    The Alice dress is GORGEOUS, isn't it? Thinking about getting that one?


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