Invoking Picasso...

I'd say I'm going through a blue period, but that would be every day of my life up till now... (har har har).

Inspired by this picture I found on
Le Blog de Betty (which I love, by the way),

I'm thinking of painting the heel of my Isaac Mizrahi for Target blue...or yellow...something bright. Does anyone know what will work? I should probably find out what kind of material the heel is made of, but I haven't the slightest idea right now, and I don't have the box anymore. Also, I'd like paint that won't scuff up when I go out (but I don't tend to scuff my shoes anyway), but that I can take off with maybe nail polish remover or water or something. Help!!

Photo: Le Blog de Betty


  1. I'm not sure exactly how, but you should go for it! Yellow might be nice, a pop of color in the winter is always cute.

  2. Ooh, doing yellow is a good idea. I've got to find an art supply store -- I'm sure someone there could help me figure out what to use.


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