Would You Wear These Leggings?

Style.com has this little article about leggings becoming a designer silhouette. They imply that leggings suck because Lindsay Lohan likes them -- but since designers have got their hands on them, it's okay to like them. (Yeah...okay.)

Would you wear these leggings?

They are, in order: AF Vandevorst, Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Iceberg, Rad Hourani and Viktor & Rolf.

I would actually wear all of these. I think they're pretty nice. However, some of these are tights and some are leggings, so I think that style.com should have made more of a distinction between the two. They are NOT the same thing! (I will slap you if you go outside wearing tights as pants. But think of it as a loving slap, mmkay?)

Photos: style.com


  1. yes, i would wear those leggings. and i'm linking you. can't believe i haven't seen your blog before. i love it!

  2. the third one and the last one yes
    thought I swear the last ones are tights. =]

    You're right, style.com did a little boo-boo there.

  3. Sarah - Awesome! I'll link you back. I'm glad you like my blog. I'm so flattered!

    Belle - Yes, I think the third and last are my favorites. I'm definitely on a black/white/beige thing right now.

  4. Oh my! I would SO wear the fourth ones. Gorgeous!


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