One collaboration we really DON'T need to see

I just read that Danity Kane is going to join up with Dollhouse Jeans to create a line of jeans... Does anybody want to dress like them?

This is the nicer of the two pictures I was going to post. They've got some interesting gear on here, and most of it could actually be nice, if they hadn't tarted it up so much. For example, the one on the left (I think it's Aubrey?) has a beautiful top on -- I rest my case. It's a
top, not a dress! She needs some pants, ASAP. I mean, come on. The shirt is slit down to her navel, and slit up to what looks like her hip. This would be indecent if she wore this outside, which, let's face it, she probably has.

Everybody else looks okay, except for the girl in white (what is going on with that long scarf thing? And no one needs to see the lower half of your buttcheeks.) and the girl wearing the white and blue top (If her bra wasn't showing, she'd look cute!). Actually, the only one who doesn't look like she's ready for a night out on the town with the Pussycat Dolls is the one in the middle, and her shoes really just kill the outfit.

Obviously, they should really just stick to making music. Then again, it's pretty smart of them to be making deals with other companies, because we all see how "well" Bad Boy's artists do. Um...where's 112? Da Band? Mario Winans? B5?
Carl Thomas? Faith Hill? Cassie? Well, it's Cassie's own fault she can't sing.

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