Models' style: Backstage and on the street

Backstage photos have always given us a look into what goes on behind the scenes in a fashion show. These days, however, we can use these pictures to see what models wear when they're not strutting down the runway or taking pictures. Be inspired -- try something new!

This first look is inspired by Iekeliene Stange, one of the few models whose quirky style I actually like and consider "put together." On one side is a recreation of her look, if you're bold enough to try dark teal tights and a printed dress with sequins. On the right is a look that uses the same long black cardigan and retains some of the color, but is a lot more subtle.

The next look comes from Chanel Iman, out on the street. Unfortunately, this outfit is a
little on the boring side. Thankfully, an interesting coat can definitely safe a blah winter outfit.

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