It's things like this that make me think that fashion designers/editors are really out of touch with the world.

If you walked down the street in New York dressed like this,

you'd pick up some customers. And you know what I mean.

Photo credit: nymag.com.


  1. parts of fashion aren't for everyday where, it's supposed to be out there, directional...

    I think alot of American magazines already dumb it down and play it too safe. Pushing the boundaries and being a little crazy is good sometimes

  2. I completely understand that, but I think there is a difference between being avant-garde or fashion-forward and looking like a hooker (in the case of this picture). I'm all for craziness and pushing boundaries -- I like to dress that way as well, sometimes -- but it's just this outfit in particular I don't like. I also realize that not all designers are trying to make clothing for the everyday person or for everyday wear, and that fashion trends are supposed to trickle down and be distilled into something that can be worn more easily. With this outfit, for example, the separate pieces aren't so bad (I actually really like the top and the belts), but all together, it just looks really trashy.

    I agree with you about American magazines though; they do all seem to be a bit... basic? I can't remember the last time I bought a magazine for actual fashion advice. I prefer to browse blogs and see what's out there. :P


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