Going shopping!!!

I'm going "Back to School" shopping today, and I've got a few things that I've been putting off buying till now.

Oh, but before I say anything about that, my biggest tip for fall shopping is this: GO. TO. ZARA!!! I am in love with that store. Anything you want, you can find there. I didn't end up getting anything last time I went, but my best friend found the schoolbag of her dreams. Of course, she couldn't wait till September to use it, so she's been toting it around.

The List:

Underwear. A necessity, really (haha).

An interesting sweater/cardigan. I am addicted to cardigans, and can never have enough. I probably have about 20, at least, that I wear regularly. My last purchases were a 3/4 sleeve ombre gray-blue cardigan and a sleeveless navy blue hip-length cardigan. Today, I want to get a cream colored cardigan, and maybe a red one as well.

Tights! A must, because I rip them all the time.

A faux leather jacket. The one I have right now is silver leather, and obviously, I can't wear that everywhere.

Leather gloves.

Shoes: A pair of Converse, shoe boots/booties/whatever you want to call them.

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