Product reviews, yaaay

So I have a few beauty products that I tried recently and I want to review for you all.

First up are some products from Simple. You've probably heard of them, as they launched a few months ago in the U.S. If I remember correctly, it's a U.K. brand that focuses on gentle products for sensitive skin.

I got the cleansing facial wipes and replenishing moisturizer from Klout. I don't have particularly sensitive skin, but I do have very acne-prone skin, and I have been getting rashes and hives lately from allergies. Anyway, I tried out the moisturizer first, using it at night in case it made my skin really greasy -- that's what happened the last time I used a moisturizer made for oily/sensitive skin. To my delight, the moisturizer has yet to make me look or feel greasy! I currently use Clinique's moisturizer for daytime, but when that runs out, I think I'll switch to Simple's moisturizer for everyday use (since I'm pretty sure it's cheaper than Clinique).

Next, I tried out Clear's shampoo and conditioner, which are supposed to clarify your scalp and hair. Unfortunately, for me, I think they worked a little too well. My hair is dry as hell after using these! I used the shampoo and conditioner twice and got the same results each time, so I won't be using them anymore. I'll go back to using Redken and Garnier products.

Finally, I tried two nail polish products: Sally Hansen Magnetic in Polar Purple, and Essie Metallic nail polish in Nothing Else Metals. Both of these have really cool effects, but I experienced problems with chipping with both of them. For the Sally Hansen, I believe it's because you have to add a thick layer before using the magnet to create waves. As most of you know, thick coats of nail polish = chipping. With Essie, I'm not sure if the problem is the formula or what. Overall, I was disappointed with both polishes, but I will continue to use them since they were given to me.

Disclaimers: I was given a free product or sample because I'm a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

I also received products from Influenster to try out. I was not obligated to review these products either, and as far as I know, I get no additional benefits for talking about the company.

Photos from respective product sites.

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  1. I live in the UK and have loved Simple for years - not only are the products kind to skin but they're so reasonably-priced too!

    I'm a recent convert to Essie polishes, it's sad to hear this one didn't impress you. I've never had a problem but I'm been having mine applied professionally so I'm sure that helps (plus maybe metallic polishes are more prone to chipping?).

    Becky | x


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