Neiman Marcus Fall/Winter Trends!

A few weeks ago, CAPFABB hosted an evening with Neiman Marcus that included high-end fashion, awesome bloggers, yummy food and a styling challenge (more on that later)! This was my third CAPFABB event, but I always go to these events alone, so I always have a few awkward minutes before I start introducing myself to people. Everybody is really friendly, so as I said before, if you're in the area and you blog about fashion and/or beauty, join the group and come to an event!

Back to the focus of the evening: fashion. Neiman Marcus signed about 10 bloggers up for two separate teams. Each team had to style a model, using as many of the fashion trends on "The List" as possible. We were given the run of the store, which was awesome... but also a little nerve-wracking, because I was absolutely convinced that I'd be tackled by a Neiman Marcus employee if I touched a Ferragamo bag. Luckily, my partner and I picked up a Rebecca Minkoff Mac bag for styling without a hitch!

Drum roll for our model, please...


Here she is, encompassing every trend on The List -- without looking like a fashion victim. There's mixed greens in the shoe, a fur jacket (not pictured), a smoking slipper for daytime wear, navy leather in the top, a statement handbag (the one we didn't get tackled over), a shirt and silhouette borrowed from the boys, two digital prints, a brooch, and the fall face (a red lip).

I have to say, working on this styling challenge with everyone was really fun, and it really got me thinking about pursuing styling as a side career. Oh, by the way: we won!

As usual, I met some really nice people, including the bloggers from The Coattail Effect.

All in all, I had a great time at this event. My one gripe is that the prize we won for the challenge was kinda...mediocre, especially considering (apparently) the outfit we styled was bought immediately by another shopper. Oh, well! It was still a fun evening, the company was great and the food was a smash-bang fusion.


  1. It was really nice meeting you and completing that challenge with you! Hope to see you at another meet up soon!

    1. Thank you! It was really nice meeting you too :D I had so much fun doing the challenge!!

  2. Looks like a fun day had and a great day styling! Glad to hear the final look immediately caught the eye of a shopper and purchased it, a bummer they didn't reward the winner with a better incentive, but at least you got personal satisfaction :)

    1. Agreed. All in all, it was really fun -- and that's what mattered the most to me. :-D


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