So yes, I went to see Spring Awakening at the Kennedy Center this past Saturday. We actually got there about 20 minutes late, so I missed seeing my favorite song from the play, "The Bitch of Living." Buuuuuuuut...

During intermission, we went to the box office to see if we could get on-stage seats for the later show. There weren't any, but there was one ticket for Sunday's show at 1:30. My best friend graciously offered to pay for the ticket (because on the train, I was visibly upset about being late, I suppose), so I got to go again.

On Sunday, I sat stage left. Honestly, the show was great from the balcony, but it was SO. MUCH. BETTER on stage. The actors were leaping around, dancing, singing at us... it was great. I would actually see the play again.

Also, Craig from Degrassi (Jake Epstein) plays Melchior Gabor. I must say though, I liked the "ensemble" more than the principal characters. The guy who played Moritz Stiefel, , was ah-mazing. He was a little hammy, but I think that was intentional; his singing, however, was incredible and gave me goosebumps.

Kay, so that's enough gushing.

After the show on Saturday, my friend and I went to this restaurant called Acadiana. If you live around D.C., do yourself a favor and GO to Acadiana. From the minute they brought out the biscuits, I knew we had made a good decision.

We had: buttermilk biscuits with some sort of chili pepper marmalade and butter concoction, plums and peaches wrapped in prociutto, a trio of pies (vegetable, crawfish, and pork and beef), redfish, and finally, crawfish. All of the food is Cajun-Southern... and all of it is delicious.

I didn't take any pictures of the food, because I always feel funny doing that, but maybe next time...?

How'd you spend your weekend?

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  1. I still can't believe I haven't been to Acadiana. I hear nothing but good things about it and my husband and I are New Orleans officianados so it should be right up our alley. We went to Ray's the Steaks on Sunday and ate ourselves silly. I highly recommend it if you haven't been.


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