It's the bitch of living...

I'm going to see Spring Awakening today, and I am SO. EXCITED. I can't wait!!!

I don't know what to wear though... It's a hot day out (high of 89), but it'll probably be cold in the theater. Decisions, decisions. I wish pictures were allowed during the play (though I totally understand why they're not), so I could show you what I'll get to see. Oh, well.


  1. You are so lucky; Spring Awakening is one of my favorites (: The score is unbelievable!

    Do enter my Current/Elliott jeans giveaway; you have a week to either write a mini "petite novella" (or if your pressed for time simply describe your outfit & where you'd wear it to) & I'll choose the winner! (the link: Good luck!

    La C.

  2. I definitely loooooved this play! I ended up seeing it twice, actually. I got to sit on stage the second time!! I wish that pictures were allowed... it was just that great.

    I wonder if they'll put it on DVD like they have with older plays?


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