The Cirque is in Town...

Corny title aside, Forever 21 just created this... capsule collection, I guess... called Cirque 21. At first glance, I didn't like any of it, but after actually going through the individual pieces, I realized just how cute most of them were.

Okay, first of all: those jackets and vests are ridiculous. I want all of them, but I have to see if I can justify buying 100 dollars worth of outerwear. Sounds pretty worthwhile to me! :P Anyway, I quite like the girly, retro bandleader/ringleader vibe that this collection has. Lord knows I rarely ever wear skirts or dresses, but I can definitely see myself wearing the jackets and shirts with pants. Speaking of pants, I'm trying to get out of wearing jeans so often. It's hard, though!

Oh, and if you're wondering why there are so many posts about F21, it's because I stalk that store. It's pretty sad, really.

Photos from F21, obviously.

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  1. that little purple skirt is way cute and it seems to already be making its way around the blogosphere...

    and $100 worth of outerwear is actually an awesome deal if you're getting more than one piece! (not trying to be an enabler, just sayin.. :)



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