Pucci and D&G

Pucci without the psychedelic print... pretty awesome. I really hated the pants (the fabric looked so strange), but the parka with the fur collar is pretty cool. I also really like the two sweaters shown here.

I find it so interesting how a lot of labels not really known for a "rough" vibe have gone that direction. For the most part, it's been successful and not forced. In fact, I quite like the combination of saccharine and toughness.

That leather dress is to DIE for, for lack of a better phrase.

Okay, so I adored this collection. Ugh, it's just perfect. (I wonder how many italics I can use in one sentence...) Russian inspired brocades, Napoleonic military jackets, romantic blouses... Maybe I like this so much because it appeals to the history buff in me. Yeah, that's probably it. I've decided that I will go out and buy some piping and spice up some jacket I have. Actually, that would be pretty fun!

The jackets, the jackets, the jackets. I want! Also, I thought it was cute how that last skirt looks like a duvet.

Is that first model wearing...a stomacher?? I'm not usually a fan of embellished jeans, but these are pretty interesting. I especially like the last blouse. I can't really see what the print is, but it reminds me of Michaelangelo's ceiling painting.

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