Just Cavalli, Jil Sander, Francesco Scognamiglio

With each passing season, I like Just Cavalli more and more. It used to be too flashy, too over-the-top for me -- not to say that this is tame, not by any measure -- but now, the "audacity" seems relevant. Not much bling here; I suppose Lagerfeld was right (although, uh... no one calls it "bling" anymore. Nor has bling been cool for at least like, 5 years. But I know what he meant.). Lots of pop culture references here... I don't know if they're on purpose or not, but you can see the Pollock splatter print, a Thriller-esque jacket, grunge/hippie shredded jeans. All in all, quite nice, I think.

What to say about Jil Sander... Austere, futuristic in its simplicity... Nice. The Washington Post said that these clothes erased the curve from the feminine body shape, but I disagree. There are clearly nipped-in waists and the clothes flow around the models' curves -- and I use that term loosely. Then again, maybe that's a good point to make -- most thin women don't have much in the way of curves, but these clothes make all the models look "womanly"... so at second glance, the curve is emphasized instead of erased.

Maybe I have Star Wars on the brain or something, but all I could think about when I saw these pictures was how apropriate they'd be in outer space. I loooooooove the lapels on the white suit.

These reminded me of frill-necked lizards. Yeah.

Photos: www.style.com. Collages: me.

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