Loewe, Jasmine di Milo

Vevers had me at "suede." *sigh* Style.com argued that it was a bad idea to have branded bags and clothes now because of the economy. I'm sorry -- what does the economy have to do with people who have enough money to buy these clothes? Perhaps they meant that putting the label name on clothing may limit Loewe's market... Still, I really don't think that anyone who wants something off the runway will care whether the name is printed on it or not. *eye roll*

I love the detailing here. It looks like laser-cut leather, but I could be wrong (and I'm definitely too lazy to find out).

Photos: www.style.com


  1. Ohh that detailing is really lovely, also paired with that bright colour!



  2. You're right, that detailing is AMAZING! And the models look fierce with that hair and make-up. Overall, a very striking look.


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