I had heard of Trovata before, and even seen a few pictures from past runway shows, but I never paid it too much mind. After checking out this Spring RTW collection, I see how much of a mistake that was.

Trovata is the epitome of California cool, but not in the way that today's starlets have commodified it. This "California Cool" is from a more basic, organic place: here, functionality has just as much value as fashion.

I'm not entirely sure how I would feel if I saw a guy wearing this on the street, but in all, I quite like this. I think it's a pretty grown-up look, and wearing something like this would firmly move a guy out of Guyland (look it up, it's a book) and into Manhood, at least sartorially.

There's a lot of exposed underwear/high-waisted hot pants on the runway this time around. I wonder why?

Looks like those sleeveless cardigans you might have bought for this fall will take you into spring. Yay for saving money!

Love, love, LOVE this nautical look. I find that Trovata's menswear looks are somewhat unisex, in that a woman could easily wear the outfit without changing anything and not look masculine or even androgynous. interesting.

I want this coat NOW, so I can wear it in the fall.

Please excuse the constipated look on her face... but look! Again, a fitted blazer!

Black gingham has to be one of my favorite prints ever. Just changing the colorway infuses what is usually a kitschy print with a more daring, punk spirit.

That is one nice trench coat.

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