Rachel Roy, Sue Stemp

In general, I haven't been a very big fan of Rachel Roy. Her line has always seemed to be hit-or-miss to me. And true to form, so was her Spring 2009 RTW collection. There were a few super-cute pieces, and some...not so cute ones.

This dress really gives off a sweet/sexy vibe. Yes, it's short and somewhat form-fitting, but it doesn't show very much skin other than the legs. The heels also do a good job of tempering the dress. All in all, this is a look that doesn't try too hard.

I never thought that I would like the whole pyjama set look, but I have to say -- it's growing on me! Together, it just looks like she rolled out of bed and put some heels on, but just imagine if she had a blazer on instead of the pyjama top... The pants would really shine as the focal point of the outfit, and pairing them with a more structured top (such as a blazer) would emphasize the pants' slouchy comfort. But seriously, don't dream of wearing these silk PJ pants without heels. By the way, isn't this model beautiful? I forgot to look up her name.

I just had to add this because it really looks like something Rihanna would wear. Interesting to see that ethnic prints will be back for next spring. At least, according to Rachel Roy, anyway. But if you think about it, safari is always around, if not the following year, then the next or the one after that.

I have no idea why I like this so much. I really hate the shoes, but the dress... Now that I look at it again, it really looks like something Dorothy from The Golden Girls would wear, except that it would have to be floor-length. There really is something appealing about those voluminous sleeves, though.

More of that ethnic, mudcloth-like print. I love the relaxed feel of this outfit. Yes, her pants are skintight, but that shirt looks beyond comfortable.

I have to say, these outfits really made me rethink my stance on Ms. Roy (Mrs. Dash??). I really like the calm vibe that I get from her clothing. It seems to me that the kind of woman who wears Rachel Roy is one who enjoys her life, her youthfulness, and knows how to balance trends with basic, relaxed fashion.

But then there were some outfits that were just so off the mark that they left me confused.

I'm really unsure as to where she was going with this Great Gatsby gone wrong look.

This gown just doesn't know what it wants to be, long sleeved or no sleeves, tea length or floor length... it's just a mess. Tim Gunn would totally tell Roy to have an editing eye. Honestly, even taking that sleeve off would have made the dress MUCH nicer.

Overall, I really liked Sue Stemp's collection. I can see a lot of women wearing these designs. My only complaint is that most of her looks have been seen before. My favorite outfit is the purple dress with the sheer bodice and sleeves.

See what I mean? Pretty basic. But her sheer pieces are quite nice.

Put together in a post like this, it's pretty interesting to see the differences between Roy and Stemp's styles. Rachel Roy loves prints, while Sue Stemp keeps her solids from being boring by using fabrics with different weights and sheens.

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