Elie Tahari

I have been a huge fan of Elie Tahari ever since I found a pair of Tahari shoes at Marshalls. They are some of the most comfortable platform shoes I've ever worn. Scratch that, they're the most comfortable heels I own, hands down.

Anyway, I was pretty excited to check out his Spring RTW collection, and boy did he not disappoint. I don't know if he does a Resort collection, but that was the general feeling that I got from the clothing he sent down the catwalk.

At first, I really hated this outfit, but when I looked at it a second time, I started to appreciate the look much more. First, there's the fact that this outfit looks like it belongs in a Resort collection. Once I got over that, I saw the florals that have been sticking around, the more relaxed cut of the pants (yay, no skinnies!), and the best part of all: the bag. I hope to see some close-ups of the bags and shoes from Elie Tahari, but from this angle, I'm liking everything about this bag. Big, but not extravagantly so, eye-catching yet still elegant... I'm in love. Or so I thought, until...

...I saw this bag. This seems more like something I'd carry. I'm tempted to say it's flashier than the previous bag, but it seems to be more wearable to me. I tend to think of handbags in terms of how much I can fit into it without looking like I'm carrying my entire life within it; I pretty much don't use bookbags or suitcases if I can fit everything into a handbag. This bag definitely fits my criteria. Past that, I adore the fitted blazer the model is wearing. I think she's also wearing a top and shorts, though it really looks like a bathing suit (which would be pretty damn cool). What I like best about this look is that the model really exemplifies vacationing in style.

I like anything with a structured look, so I was instantly drawn by the darts and pockets on the front of the dress. With some toned-down jewelry, this dress is perfect for the office, for dinner, and many other occasions.

This is a pretty impractical look for real life for most of us, but I love how the model looks exactly like a fashion illustration come to life. One could say that's the point of all the models and all shows, but this is the first time I've ever seen a model on the runway and thought that. Oh, but the sunglasses are HOT.

I'm not the biggest fan of animal print, but this snakeskin print in neutral tones somehow comes across as subtle.

These splatter prints remind me of what Kenley did on the Gristedes challenge on this season of
Project Runway. This is art chic at its finest.

Apparently, anoraks are sticking around. Don't throw yours out!

I love this dress... maybe it's the color or the flora designs that are on it, but it reminds me of the sea, like she's a water nymph.

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