Dressing for the Occasion with Warby Parker

Hi everyone! Last week, I was contacted by Kaki Read, the Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker, who asked me if I wanted to collaborate with her on a post. As a fan of Warby Parker's glasses, I was happy to oblige. Without further ado...

Dressing the Part, at Home and at Work

There are just too many times in our lives when we open our closets and just want to shout. Even if you are relatively happy with the clothes that you own, nothing makes you more dissatisfied than heading out for something specific and not knowing what to wear. The clothes that we wear tell the people around us more about who we are, and if you are someone who finds yourself constantly stuck, it is time to look into what your options may be. There are a number of occasions, which seem to call for special clothes, so how can you meet those needs?

Office Meeting Madness

Business - Warby Parker

If you are attending an office meeting, it is always in your best interests to dress up a little. Even when your office is business causal, dressing things up a little can help you catch the eye of busy execs who are not always in the main office. There is nothing wrong with looking fairly severe. Start with a black skirt, black hose, black pumps and a black jacket, but then throw things for a loop by adding a button down in a very vivid color. If you have a plum blouse, consider add a plum lipstick to your makeup rotation and also a pair of eyeglasses with multi-colored frames. The point of a look like this is that is plain but still aggressively tied together.

Dinner With the Family

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After you've got the office handled, you will find that it is quite important to look into dinner with your family. Your family has a certain way that they want to see you, and it is often in your best interests to dress on the conservative side. For example, if you are invested in making sure that you have a pleasant look for your family, think about a pair of black slacks with a simple stretchy, short-sleeved top. Dress it up a little bit with ceramic or silver bracelets, and if you want to add a fun and charming look to your appearance, choose a pair of glasses with vintage-inspired frames for a bit of flash. Have some fun with the look by throwing on a lacy shrug to go over the top, or add a pair of delicate ankle boots to give the bottom some weight.

If you are interested in dressing up for your family or your co-workers, there are some fantastic choices out there. Just find the ones that suit you best and run with them!

Kaki Read- Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker


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