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Follow me on Twitter if you want to hear of-the-minute fashion and music news, as well as health info (I studied public health) and my idiotic jokes.

Twitter: @FrockYeah

On Instagram, you'll get a glimpse of my daily life, what I do for fun, where I go... and you'll get to see my cute dog, Roxy!

Instagram: FrockYeah

I use Pinterest to post great outfits I find, awesome home decor for when I finally get a home/apartment of my own, and other assorted things.

Pinterest: FrockYeah

Lyst is basically my window shopping site. When I go on here, I like to pretend I have Givenchy money and add stuff I'll never get my hands on here. A little fantasizing never hurt anybody, right?

Lyst: FrockYeah

Let me know if there are any other sites you think are really cool, and add me on there! I love keeping in touch with you all.

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