Pre-fall 2013: Lela Rose, Kelly Wearstler, Missoni, Nicole Miller, Opening Ceremony, Prabal Gurung, Preen

I can't say I paid much attention to Lela Rose before, but I definitely like this pre-fall collection. My favorites are the saffron-colored dress and the colorblocked moto jacket (2nd to last).

Of note: Painterly influences, inspired colorblocking, flats (give those feet a break!), occasional pops of saturated color.

Look at Kelly Wearstler, getting all graphic 'n stuff! I think her designs improve with each season, which is great, considering what a force she is in the interior design world.

Of note: Cutouts in unexpected places, all leather everythang, futuristic harlequin prints.

The first half of this looks like something the White Witch would wear, doesn't it? Snowy grays and whites to blend into the landscape... and a collar made from Mr. Tumnus' family members, likely.

Of note: Platform boots, fur collars, tweed.

Of note: Rider caps (there are some cute ones floating around with ears on them, if that's your sort of thing), zig zag prints, CMYK inspiration.

Where do I even start? I love this. The prints are cool, the shoes are awesome, there are metallics and bright colors as far as the eye can see...

I have to say, I was really excited for the Prabal Gurung x Target collaboration coming soon (next month, I think), until I looked at the catalogue and realized that if I got everything I wanted, I'd spend over $600. I'm still excited, but I'll have to edit my choices waaaaaaaaaaaay down, because ain't nobody got money for that.

Anyway, of note: neon splashes, a healthy dose of white, head-to-toe prints.

I quite like this punky side of Preen... it's interesting.

Of note: Plaid & leather, slouchy silhouettes, winklepickers and Chelsea boots. Oh, velvet too.

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  1. Some tasty looks to gather inspiration from, digging the colourblock moto jacket too!


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