New York Fashion Week FW 2012

Boy, oh boy -- New York fashion week.

 This showing by Threeasfour was my absolute favorite. What the hell is it?? I haven't the slightest idea, but I know I enjoy the diced-up landscape prints, and the fractal embellishments. (Fractals are cool, FYI. Nerd moment over.)

Tess Giberson was another collection that caught my eye. If you happen to know how to knit or crochet, you could probably copy some of the accessories, like that vest... thing that's in the second picture. Personally, I really liked the thin harness shown in the third picture.

While I find myself moving away from this 60's schoolgirl style, I still appreciate several things about it, like the low heels, clean silhouettes, and emphasized collars.

Pre-Fall 2012: A roundup

Before I get to Fall/Winter 2012 runway shows, I wanted to do a quick rundown of the pre-fall shows... which were amazing! Pre-fall is quickly becoming my favorite season. There were several interesting trends going throughout, so I've attempted to group them as such.

Minimal, but not boring

No, for real -- who could call a shirt with "Ka-Pow!" on it boring?


Key points: Clean lines and simple silhouettes (no ruffles and frou frou), proper fit, few layers, inventive layering (short skirt over long blouse/shirtdress), blazers and jackets are key!

Past is Present, Present is Past

Key points: Pointed toes, kitten heels, poufy skirts, red or pink lips, rounded shoulders, loafer heels, classic prints (houndstooth, checks, plaids), lace, leather, and leopard print.

Modern Times

Key points: Neoprene, sharp shoulders, digital hi-res prints, metal accents.

Keeping Neutrals Close

Key points: Since the colors are plain, fresh and exciting silhouettes are important. If you wish, add a small splash of color.

Color and Pattern Explosion

Key points: Stripes, chevron, African and First Nations inspired textiles, florals, jacquard and brocade prints, Louis XVI style prints, polka dots, animal and tropical prints. Mix them all together, and anchor with black -- or don't!

Need something to wear on Valentine's Day?

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