Pre-Fall 2012: A roundup

Before I get to Fall/Winter 2012 runway shows, I wanted to do a quick rundown of the pre-fall shows... which were amazing! Pre-fall is quickly becoming my favorite season. There were several interesting trends going throughout, so I've attempted to group them as such.

Minimal, but not boring

No, for real -- who could call a shirt with "Ka-Pow!" on it boring?


Key points: Clean lines and simple silhouettes (no ruffles and frou frou), proper fit, few layers, inventive layering (short skirt over long blouse/shirtdress), blazers and jackets are key!

Past is Present, Present is Past

Key points: Pointed toes, kitten heels, poufy skirts, red or pink lips, rounded shoulders, loafer heels, classic prints (houndstooth, checks, plaids), lace, leather, and leopard print.

Modern Times

Key points: Neoprene, sharp shoulders, digital hi-res prints, metal accents.

Keeping Neutrals Close

Key points: Since the colors are plain, fresh and exciting silhouettes are important. If you wish, add a small splash of color.

Color and Pattern Explosion

Key points: Stripes, chevron, African and First Nations inspired textiles, florals, jacquard and brocade prints, Louis XVI style prints, polka dots, animal and tropical prints. Mix them all together, and anchor with black -- or don't!

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