Guest Post: Patterned, Leather & Peplum - Three Words for Fall

Hi, all! I was recently contacted by Anya Sarre, a ShoeDazzle stylist, who wanted to write a guest post for my blog. Her work has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, the Insider, and the STYLE Network, among other places. Without further ado, here's Anya's article. Let us know what you think!
Patterned, Leather, and Peplum: Three Words for Fall
by Anya Sarre
The best news to report about this fall’s fashions is that you are going to look good and feel good, no matter how much effort you put into it. Really? Yes, because this fall there really is something for everyone, for every body type, and for every level of daring.  Let’s take a look at some of the staples you want to have this fall and how to pair them with stuff you already have in your closet.

My first must-have item this fall is the colored or patterned skinny jean.  The patterned jean works really well for both the more adventurous fashionista and those with more conservative tastes.  If you are looking to keep things simple, opt for a rich-colored jean in a deep burgundy, a golden yellow, or a mossy green and pair it with a simple buttoned-up white shirt.  For the more daring, there are also a lot of patterns from a grey ombre look to brocade patterns and metallic animal prints.  If you have not taken the skinny jean leap yet, try pairing them with a long sweater that camouflages the less “skinny” parts. This fall’s chunky ankle boots really complete the look.

Another fall trend to look for is leather, and again, there is something for everyone.  If you love leather, you have a ton of choices from full black leather dresses to soft, brown long skirts and even full leather pants, t-shirts, and of course, jackets.  If you are not yet ready for full-on leather, look for leather details. I absolutely love the leather detailing this fall.  One of my favorite looks is the big sweater with leather details.  Keep your eye out for leather sleeves, leather cuffs, and leather side panels.  Since leather already makes an impact, pair a leather top or sweater with jeans for a night-out look or simple trousers for a day look.

The last fall staple you should invest in is the peplum skirt or shirt. The greatest thing about the peplum look is that it really looks good on everyone. It defines the waist and adds a touch of flirt without going over the top. Pair a peplum shirt with a tweed pencil skirt for a lady-like look. Dare to accessories and add the perfect pair of shoes to your wardrobe! Fall accessories including large jeweled brooches and Mary Jane pumps add even more sophistication to the look!

The last word in fall fashion: you really are going to look great this fall and without even trying!

Thanks to Anya for this great article! I think she had some wonderful advice, including how to wear skinny jeans for those of us who aren't skinny or are self-conscious, and how to wear peplums. I'm looking forward to seeing all these trends on my lovely readers! Please check out her blog posts at Shoedazzle.

So, what did you think of the article? Have you already bought some of these trend pieces for fall? Here in the DC area, the weather has taken a quick cold turn, so I'm digging out all my fall clothes and filling in gaps in my wardrobe. I'm thinking a pair of green skinnies will go quite nicely with what I've got...

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