Beauty products galore!

Lately, I've been trying to get the acne monkey off my back, for once and for all. (Unfortunately, not this Acne. I'd love to have that! :P)

To that end, I've become a little more interested in skin care and such. Influenster sent me a box of goodies to try:

In the box was the Japanese Cherry Blossom body spray from Bath and Body Works, Dr. Scholl's Ball of Foot pads, Sheer Cover concealer, Aveeno body wash, ChapStick LipShield with SPF, a Soyjoy bar, and Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips.

My absolute favorite in the bunch was the concealer. I am a faithful MAC user, and I was using their liquid concealer -- can't remember the name of it though. It went on well enough, but I didn't feel like it gave me enough coverage. This concealer by Sheer Cover, however, goes on really smoothly. I put it on with a brush first, even it out, and then finally use my finger to blur out any lines that might show from the brush. It also has two colors so that you can blend it to the right shade that you need. I would highly recommend it.

My least favorite would be either the Soyjoy bar -- just because I am not a huge fan of soy products, which tend to make me sick -- or the ChapStick. I like the lip balm, but unfortunately because of the sunscreen in it, it makes my lips look soooooooo ashy! I'm talking Tyrone Biggums.

I wouldn't wear alone to go out. I'll continue to use it, but with another product on top, like lipstick or an opaque lip gloss. I don't know if that defeats the purpose of using a lip product with SPF, though.

Other favorites include the body spray and the nail strips. The body spray is great, except that the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent is very strong. A little bit goes a long, long way! I had already used the nail strips before this, so I wasn't too worried about the quality or anything. One thing I will warn you about though, is that if you buy these nail strips, don't plan on keeping them forever -- they do eventually get dry and crack.

Finally, I received some Simple products from Klout. They sent me the makeup remover wipes and facial moisturizer. I have used both, and I like both. I would definitely buy the wipes again, as they smell much better than the ones I was using before and they don't seem to break me out. The moisturizer is fine, but I have to use it for a little longer before I say that I'll switch to it instead of what I usually use.

Would you like to see more of these posts? I am not primarily a beauty blogger, but I don't mind sharing my opinion about products I buy or receive, including (especially) clothing or shoes or whatever. I have not been sharing my shopping purchases for a while, but if you're interested, I'll start up again.

Photos: my instagram (frockyeah), Google Image Search (unsure of original source, perhaps Comedy Central?)

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