MFW: Antonio Marras,

 DSquared2 always goes the extra mile when it goes to staging their shows, and for me, it pays off. This season's inspiration, if you couldn't tell, is the festival queen. Y'know, Glastonbury and all those English open air concerts. (Personally, the amount of mud present is really quite enough for me to not be interested, but I'm sure it's a life experience that should be done if possible.) Truthfully speaking, it's probably not the best idea to wear a swirling maxi skirt in the mud, but everything else is spot on.

 Gianfranco Ferre... just... wow. I think this is my favorite showing from them since Ferre died. For some reason, this collection reminds me of Basic Instinct -- that white dress Sharon Stone wore (mind you, I've never seen the movie). Anyway, excuse me while I find a way to get my hands on those silver shorts.

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