This is what I'd dress like...

...if I ever went shopping.

Rather, I think I'm shopping in the wrong stores. I prefer a futuristic, space age, modern look like shown above, but I rarely accomplish that in my day-to-day dress. That is to say, I don't really have a set "style". I've harped on this before, so I don't want to get too into detail with this again, but I think I'm getting better with time. (Disclaimer: I don't think it's necessary to have a set style, but I would like to have a trademark, y'know?)

On a side note, I'm getting into Polyvore again. I got sick of it for a while, but I think I've been bitten by the bug again.
Anyway, the reason I said I think I'm getting better is that I feel that most of what I own, I really like. There's nothing that makes me feel or look fat/lumpy/frumpy, most of it fits me well, and it's pretty! By pretty, I don't mean girly and flowery -- though I do have some of that stuff -- I mean that it's all visually appealing to me. Some of it is edgy like in the photo above (loose shirts a la A.Wang, rugged wedge heels, etc.), some of it is decidedly more girly (lace dresses from the Target x Rodarte collection, a few skirts*)... but I think it's all falling together, finally.

*And I mean a few. I own, like, 5 skirts max. 2 of which fit me.

What about you guys? Do you ever struggle with your "look"? Am I overthinking it (the true sign of a Virgo)? What is your wardrobe like?


  1. I truly do struggle sometimes with my lack of what I want to put together in my closet. Since I have recently been starting to discover my style, I've realized that most of the things in my closet are not me.

    I love all of these edgy things. I'm just so afraid to take risks and wear heels, especially in my town. Especially at school. I'd be the freak.

  2. My style has changed so much since I started my blog and my I really do not like much in my wardrobe anymore so I am having to buy new bits to fit in with my new style. Great post and I love your outfit esp the watch xoxo

  3. I overthink pretty much everything, so...yeah. While I don't think I'll ever be completely satisfied with what's in my closet, I do have periods (like, 2-3 months) where I feel like I have most of what I need to dress the way I want to dress.

    Then I go back into ihavenothingtowear/shopaholic mode.


  4. It wasn't until this year when I finally gotten a steady "look" down - I used to love everything, want everything! But when it comes down it all, there's certain pieces etc. I will always reach for, both in my closet, and in shops.

    That lavender Alexander Wang. Le sigh. I never like those bags. Ever. But that color! So pretty.

    I've just recently moved from La Couturier to my new blog and website, A Bit Coquettish. Do take a peek - I've finally dropped my guise of anonymity (; Fancy a visit?


  5. Oh my lord, you know I am a sucker for big crazy statement shoes in white. How did I not know about those JC beauties until now???

  6. McKenzie, I know what you mean. I often don't wear things because I just know someone's going to make a comment. But I've gotten to the point -- mainly because of this summer heat -- where, if I find an outfit that I like that also doesn't make me burst into flames when I go outside, I'm going to wear it, lewd/ignorant comments and hateration aside. :P

    Then there's also the question of appropriateness... In grad school, hardly anyone dresses nicely. There are the people who come in after work, so they look relatively nice, but everyone else mostly wears regular clothes, nothing special. When I wear some things, I definitely stand out.

  7. Hey Kimberly, thanks for the heads-up! I'll stop by. :)


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