My Yearly Dilemma, In Pictures

Jeans - Kohl's | Plaid shirt - Kohl's | Feather earrings - Forever 21 | Ivory bracelets - Gift from mommy | Boy scout belt - "Gift" from a friend

This is how I usually like to dress. I'm not a big fan of shorts or skirts, especially not in the summer time, because my thighs get all sweaty, etc. If I do wear shorts or skirts, I usually have tights, stockings or leggings underneath.

But when it's 102 degrees F out, as it is today, you can see why wearing a fuzzy dress shirt and jeans might not be a good idea.

And yet, I own very little that can keep me cool. How did this happen? How did I end up with a wardrobe that is pretty much only fall/winter appropriate?

I have a solution -- I'm going to start spending my summers in the southern hemisphere. Perfect, right! Now all I have to do is find a way to get a plane ticket and accommodations for $5.

Photos: Me!

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