I have returned!! With a...

Runway post! Yep, it's about a thousand years too late. But hey -- I wanted to do it right, not fast.

Leave it to Italians to capture the sentiment of the Wild West. Spaghetti westerns, indeed... This year's D&G collection reminded me of Sukiyaki Western Django (check it, but only for the costumes... the storyline is horrible), what with its truckloads -- er...wagonloads? -- of denim (shirts, skirts, pants, oh my!), floor-dusting skirts, cowboy boots and bandannas. The latter were even screen-printed onto shirts.

Like style.com mentioned, Sirs D and G certainly do have a routine: "Pick a theme, then whip up the familiar leggy looks in the appropriate fabrics." (style.com) Regardless, they still managed to create a collection that was fresh, attention-grabbing, and most importantly, desirable. Who doesn't want those studded boots, leather oxford shirts, printed shirts and roughed-up denim?

Photos and quote from style.com.

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