Blog Quiz, yaaay!

Tagged, along with the rest of her readers, by La Couturier. Answered with one word:

Where’s your cell phone: Bed

Your hair: Wild!

Your mother: Awesomexcore!

Your father: Crazy

Favorite Food: Dunno

Dream last night: Acting

Favorite drink: Juice

What room are you: Bedroom

Hobby: window-shopping

Fear: Failing

Where were you last night: Here

Something that you aren’t: Refreshed :(

Muffins: Banana?

Wish list item: (I couldn't do this one in one word.) Straight leg jeans that aren't boa constrictor-tight in the calf. Oh, you mean something expensive? I can't think of anything...

Where did you grow up: Maryland

What are you wearing: Clothes

Your pets: None

Friends: Always

Something your’e not wearing: sweatshirt

Favorite store: Target

Favorite color: Marine

Last time you laughed: Today

Your best friend: Liz

Place you go to over and over: school :/

Person who emails you regularly: ?

Favorite place to eat: Home

Feel free to answer!

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  1. love this (:

    and that ring in the post below is sick nasty awesome, period (;

    bisous, xx


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