Vogue Paris Editorial (scans by AngelLover at TFS)

There was a John Galliano picture here, but I took it down because the fact that the model's face was painted black made me more than a little uncomfortable.


  1. I'm SO excited about Missoni and Prada for fall!!!!

    PS I added you - love reading your blog :-)

  2. these are insanely inspirational! sigh, i wish i could afford paris vogue...thank you!

  3. sick images, love these.
    I just found your blog, it's v fun


  4. Great photos! it's always fun seeing those kinds of pictures:)
    And thanks for the comment, Im glad that you like my blog:)
    I found the pictures on so many different blogs and photographers sites. I just keep saving and saving, don't remember the exact sites though... I use visit the blogs that comments on the blogs, and then you just keep on finding more blogs and sites with great photos:) But I can't get enough looking at pictures, it's like an addiction haha...


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