Couture Collections


  1. Hey there :)
    Thanks for your comment! Yeah, those shved/bleached eyebrow thing is really weird... I don't like this trend either.
    You've picked out some fabulous looks! I LOOOVE the latest Valentino Couture collection!! The black lace is so bombastic!
    Givenchy is a real eyecatcher! And Elie Saab is a dream!
    Great collages!
    xoxo, Sofie

  2. I'm in love with Givenchy. IN LOVE! I'm so glad you posted Alexis Mabille, too. I hadn't seen these yet, but the lace is just incredible.

  3. thanks for your lovely comment!

    You have a fascinating blog! I love you beautiful collages.


  4. Even though a large majority of people don't think that the Dior show was anything special, I absolutely loved it! The music was perfection. The shoes left we stunned as always, I liked how the took the straps to a bra and turned it into footwear. Really amazing.


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