A Lucite Comeback

Have you heard that Lucite's making a comeback? I guess it's all part of the whole 60's revival thing going on. First, mini dresses, then Lucite, eh? Well, unlike minidresses, everyone can wear Lucite accessories :)

I've seen a lot of Lucite-heeled shoes, which I think is the hottest thing ever. There's one by Marc Jacobs which is a tad...outlandish, and a pair of platforms by Brian Atwood.

Brian Atwood platforms:

Hotness, no? I saw them in the March issue of Marie Claire in a silver that looks even better. Look there for the Marc Jacobs shoes also (I couldn't find a picture, sorry).

These Casadei heels managed to make something that's essentially wacky, understated and classy:


This isn't Lucite, but while we're on the topic of crazy accessories:

Biba necklace, Alex Bittar Jewelry (www.maddisgallery.com)

I would soooooo wear this. I can see it now: an all black outfit (which seems to be my uniform lately), and then BAM! this gorgeous necklace around your neck. Conversely, you could pair it with neon/lime green and just blind everyone in sight. Don't they look like oversized sleigh bells? Too cool, in a weird way.

I hope this post will tide you over till I get back from Jamaica! Have a safe Spring Break, everyone.

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