NYFW Fall '13: Diesel Black Gold, Gryphon, ICB, Juicy Couture, J.Crew, Jen Kao, Jonathan Simkhai, Jason Wu

All black errythang at Diesel Black Gold... well, hey. I'm not the biggest fan of monochrome, but I appreciate that there's quite a bit of visual interest here, with the matte/shiny fabrics and lots and lots of studding.

Of note: Studs... lots of them, coated/waxed fabrics, a futuristic feel.

There's a bit of "streetwear" flavor here at Gryphon, and I must say I like it. Look at those baggy leather pants (middle photo)! Add in camouflage and a stadium jacket and I'm in heaven.

Of note: Simple layers, bold prints (especially camo in an unexpected color), looser pants.

I am loving all these prints from J.Crew (but let's be honest, I won't be buying any of it because, holy crap, their clothes are expensive!!), especially those in the last two outfits, which remind me of Persian rugs.

Of note: World traveler flair, pointy-toed heels, casual/dressy mix (sweatpants + blazer, dress + baseball cap, etc.).

I was totally tickled by the print at Jonathan Simkhai -- to me, it looks like a mix between the usual Nordic sweater print and QR codes.

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  1. Nice round up of collections..lots of inspiration.
    I'm so behind on my runway posts! :)

    Hey like the idea, What did you have in mind for a collab on a music post? :) I am usually super squeezed for time :) but will sure to keep you in mind for a music collab, when the opportunity calls for it!


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