New dogs, old tricks: Upcoming artists in yesterday's fashions

I was perusing Tumblr, as you do, and came across this beautiful picture:

I put my internet detective hat on (i.e., clicked the source link) and found it it's from W's feature on new artists in old fashions, "All Shook Up". The lady above is Lianne La Havas, a neo-soul artist hailing from England (is it just me or does England have the folk/soul thing on lock these days? Rebecca Ferguson, James Morrison, Adele, Duffy...)

Here, we see artist Selah Sue in two floral dresses, sporting an awesome frizzy bouffant. I especially love the gilded sunglasses she's holding in the picture at left.

Please check out W magazine's feature for more photos and more new artists to check out!

(Photos: W Magazine)

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