London Fashion Week Part 2

Once again, London Fashion Week is my favorite. The color, the prints... as a whole, LFW just screams "daring". I'm really looking forward to dressing in acidic bright colors, digital prints and patterns, metallics and sheen.

 Not sure what's up with the feather fauxhawk, but whatevs. I love this print! Doesn't it remind you of a QR code?

 Mary Katrantzou, don't even get me started. Who else would make a print out of pictures of lawns, typewriters, pencils, and spoons? And not even a drawing of those things, but actual pictures? To top it off, they're wearable! Yes, they are "look at me" pieces, but overall, they're not unnecessarily over the top. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Mary K. is the queen of prints. All hail.

Will mustard yellow make a comeback?
 What I wouldn't do to get my hands on these sneakers...

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