London Fashion Week... which happened ages ago

Yeah, I know I'm about 8,000 years late with these posts/reviews, but I still want to post them up. Sorry I haven't been around much... I've been feeling burnt out and uninspired. To top it off, I have been violently ill for the past 5 days. :(

But on to happier topics -- here comes the fashion!

So Danielle Scutt was inspired in part by Tupac and Biggie, which is literally the most random shit ever. However, what's shown above is really, really nice. I quite like this spangly material she's used for the skirt and top, and I especially like the dress with the t-shirt appliqued on it... I wonder if it's detachable (I guess that'd be an easy DIY).

So, seriously guys -- metallics are going to be big. They could be star-like, like the fabrics used at Danielle Scutt, holographic like the ones at David Koma, or just straight up metallic like the ones you see just above at Felder Felder. Personally, I like all three... which do you prefer?

A few other things of note at Felder Felder: a more delicate -- and perhaps more wearable -- harness, layered sheers, and the omnipresent studs (not that I'm complaining. I'd probably stud my underwear if it wouldn't be insanely uncomfortable).

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