Holiday dressing!

Quick posty post from me... life's been a little hectic, what with work and the chorus. Little known Frocker Fact: I sing in a chorus! Our holiday concert series is coming up soon.

Speaking of holidays... it's probably about time you start thinking about what you're going to wear. Especially if you live in New York, because I've gone shopping there the day before New Year's and there are WAY too many people in every single store.

The friendly people at Motel asked me to let you all know that they've got a new dress called Gabby. Gabby is glittery! And gold! (Well, sometimes. She also comes in black and charcoal.) Personally, I'd pick the gold one. It's a super cute, yet sexy, dress that'd be perfect for either a smaller affair or a big bash at a club. In either venue, you're sure to stand out.

So check out the Gabby dress... and as added incentive, I've got a discount code for you, my awesomely awesome followers. Enter SEQUIN15 for 15% off of the ENTIRE website from November 28 to December 4!! Enjoy, happy shopping, happy holidays, and if I actually know you, please come to the holiday concerts and hear me (and 20 other people) sing!

P.S. Sorry if this post was a little strange. I'm still vibrating from the venti coffee I had at noon.

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