A little bit of pre-fall (even though it's winter): Elie Tahari, Michael Kors, Temperley London, Pringle of Scotland, Rag and Bone, Jason Wu.

So we're up to next year's pre-fall now. I wonder how long it'll take before we're looking at what we're suppposed to wear three years from now? Anyway, here's some of the cool stuff I've seen so far:

At first glance, there isn't anything really exciting about this collection, so what caught my eye? The furs. They're gorgeous! But I really do hope they're faux furs... I'm not really down with the whole real fur thing. Moving on, here are some things to keep in mind for the Elie Tahari look:
1. Wear a belt!
2. Don't be afraid of longer-length gloves.
3. Sandals in fall? Sure! (You may need tights underneath.)
4. Orange is your friend.

I adored this collection at first because the first four or so outfits really reminded me of Jean Seberg. You know, French people and their love of stripes. Anyway, the latter half of this collection doesn't disappoint. I adore these slightly futuristic Grecian maxidresses. This is one of the rare collections that I'd wear, from start to finish. Highlights: Black, red and white as main colors (you can have a splash of royal blue, too); pleating and draping; pointy flats and heels.

Hmm, what to say about Rag and Bone? This is not my style of dress at all, but I suspect this'll be a big hit with a lot of bloggers. But back to the clothes -- I like the idea of a sheer-ish striped skirt over another, shorter skirt. It's a great layering option, and it definitely lends visual interest to an outfit. Looking over the pieces posted above, there is a lot of layering with sheer things. So go forth, be creative!


  1. My favourites are Pringle of Scotland and Jason Wu. Very nice!

  2. Oh god this are such great outfits! I've been needing some inspiration lately, because i live in the freakin north (Go Canada), and we're freezing our little buns off.

  3. Holy crap. I just love the fur, the dramatic colors and lengths, the neutral colors, the knits, the wool, the dresses, everything! Man, I just want a few thousand dollars.

    Thanks for the comment! :)

  4. I love the harness belts with formal dresses in the Michael Kors! Something I have to look into, I think... (diy, obv)

  5. i agree, love the furs by Elie Tahari and Michael Kors grecian dresses are insane...


  6. You know, I'm not always a Tahari fan, but I really liked this collection. That fox fur color looks fantastic against he black pieces.

  7. Oh, I love the Pringle dress second from the right!


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