Movie Premiere: The Incredible Hulk

Ready for another installment of "Movie Premiere"? Here we go.

Most people know the story of the Incredible Hulk, so I won't bore you with that. Actually, there's one thing I'm confused about: Is it Bruce Banner or David Banner? They're father and son, but apparently both of them have been The Hulk at one time or another.

Anyway, in the movie with Edward Norton (LOOOOOOOVE him), The Hulk is
Bruce Banner. And in case you didn't figure that out, Liv Tyler's character says it about 35,000 times in the movie, just to make sure that hits home.

So, what do we think of when we think about The Hulk?

1. Strength
2. Green (duh)
3. Tearaway clothes??

Let's see what we can do with that.

For strength, we have the suede biker boots (they're only suede because you know I can't resist that material), an undershirt-inspired top, and a leather motorcycle jacket.

If you have seen the movie, you know that Bruce Banner is on the run -- a
lot. So, for storage I've added a black bag with sturdy straps, a baseball cap for blending into crowds (and it's for this reason that there isn't a lot of green in the outfit...just enough to let people know that they won't like you when you're hungry*) and a Casio watch for doing calculations on the fly.

For a touch of luxury while on the lam, there are Chanel studs from Bag, Borrow, Steal.
And maybe in the bag, we should add an extra shirt. You know how The Hulk is with those.

In closing, why do the Hulk's pants always stay on?!??

* You'll get it if you see the movie.

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