Cool-weather wear

Here in the "middle" states on the East Coast, we sometimes have peculiar weather. In one day, the weather can go from 45 degrees (Fahrenheit, that is) to 85, all the way down to 30.

If you're like me, you end up going outside well-equipped to face the morning chill only to be sweating profusely come midday, or you're fine all day till the sun sets and you're left to fight off the chill in a flimsy tank top. You'd think 20+ years of living here would get it down, but things are different when you've had to wear a uniform for 18 years of that life. :P

So I put together some outfits using trusty old Polyvore:

Left: As you can see, this is an outfit for an overall warmer day. A gray and white striped tank top is covered by teal wool cardigan with a shawl color that can be rearranged to keep your neck warm. Add long brown walking shorts for a bit more coverage, and gold flat sandals complete the look.

Middle: A cooler day requires more substantial layers and closed shoes, so try a longer coral tank top underneath a green swing jacket with bracelet-length sleeves. A pair of straight leg jeans and black shiny flats lend an air of sophistication and ease.

Right: For a moderate day, a full belted skirt can be paired with a t-shirt and cardigan for warmth. Open-toe striped shoes with a slight wedge heel echo the graphic print of the shirt.

Click on the picture for more details!

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