Wardrobe Staples

Let's talk coats.

As much as you want to deny it, cold weather is coming -- and soon. Since you've got to get bundled up anyway, why not make a splash??

Californians and Floridians, please ignore the following. You just keep wearing your short shorts. Grr.

(P.S. - These coats are ridiculously expensive, so these pictures are more for illustrative purposes. But if you wanna drop 3 thou on a coat, be my guest!)

All by Rick Owens, except the white Burberry cropped trench.

Photo creds: www.net-a-porter.com

Labels, labels, labels

Ladies and gents,

The Frocker is on a designer jag. My current wishlist:

- LG Prada phone (It's touch screen just like the iPhone, but it came out first! It's also over $500...oof.)

- Missoni scarf

- Stella by Stella McCartney eau de parfum


Beautiful Clothes from Designers You've Probably Never Heard Of: NY Fashion Week

Carlos Miele


Douglas Hannant


All photos from www.style.com

The Best of: NY Fashion Week

I figured this'll just be a picture post. You can judge for yourselves whether you like the pieces or not...


Calvin Klein

Donna Karan


Marc by Marc Jacobs

Monique Lhuillier

Naeem Khan

Zac Posen

All photos from www.style.com.