New Kid on the Block

Well this is my first post, and I thought I'd introduce myself to everyone. My pen name is The Frocker, and I'm a 20 year old student in college in the Northeast. I've been interested in fashion since I got to high school, dabbling in costume design (good old drama class...those were the days), but I gave up on those dreams pretty quickly since I am an awful artist, but who knows where the future will take me... Anyway, the first fashion magazine I ever picked up was an issue of Vogue from my local library. I spent two hours poring over that magazine -- the glossy pages just sucked me in. Fast forwarding a couple of years, I'm still obsessed with magazines, but I think writing in a blog is as close as I'll get to writing for a magazine, and that's actually fine by me.

The idea of starting my own blog really got into my head when I went to London for a semester. I was at a super artsy school which was completely different from the school I go to in the States, and being surrounded by all these superbly creative people really impacted me, my style -- even the way I speak!

I hope you'll like my blog and I'd love comments, opinions, suggestions, ideas -- anything! I'm not pretending to be a fashion expert; these are just my opinions. So don't hesitate to drop me a line and speak your mind, even if you disagree with me. Before I forget, I'd like to thank the girls at I Am Fashion for answering my questions about starting up a blog. Check out their blog, they're awesomeness personified. And they're utter sweethearts! I also have to thank my good friend G for helping me with the ideas for this blog -- you rock (but you already knew that)!

Anyway, that's enough blah-blah-blah. On with the clothes!


  1. I wish you luck! It's a really great start so far!

  2. I just realized I never commented back. Thanks so much, Connie! I really appreciate it.


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