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Fall Accessories

Hey y'all, here's a little heads-up on coming attractions: I'm working on a series of collages showcasing some of the fall accessories to either look forward to (if you've got hella money) or hope to see in H&M (if you're broke like me).

Here's a little taste:

L to R: Nina Ricci, Diane von Furstenburg, Giambattista Valli; Versace, Balenciaga; Jimmy Choo, Mulberry (love it!), Fendi.

Target's StyleBoutique

Target recently launched Style Boutique, which, from what I gather, is going to be a weekly newsletter with style and decorating tips from designers that we all know and love.

This week, Jaye Hirsch, owner of Hollywood Intuition gives some tips based around the pieces she designed for Target. Next week, Nina Garcia! That should be interesting... I signed up for the newsletter, so hopefully it'll be worth it!

I Still Need to See This

Somebody come with me!

In other news, I went to my grad school orientation yesterday. Good Lord, it was long! It started at 8 am, and I didn't finish till (technically) 5:15. I got home past midnight though, because I had some other errands to run (Ikea!). I'm still tired... but now I have furniture to put together.

Anyway, grad school seems like it'll be fun -- and hard work too. I already have homework, but I just found out what book I need to get. I think I'm going to have to go back down to school before Tuesday and buy the book, since I checked on amazon.com and they said it would take 2 months for me to get the book. That's not gonna work...

K, enough rambling. But if any of you have questions about college or grad school, feel free to ask and I'll tell you all I know!

We sure do love our surrealists in this household...

While browsing through Paper Mode's archives, I stumbled across a Magritte-inspired editorial. I'm in heaven!

Photos from Paper Mode, via other sources.

Isabella Oliver

About two weeks ago, I got an email from Holly at Isabella Oliver that let me know about their website. Previously known as a maternity label, they have recently expanded to a regular line called Isabella Oliver 365.

After taking a look at the website (which I suggest!), I saw quite a few interesting things. The site has a video for each piece, so you can see how the clothing falls on a human body... albeit a model's body. Still, it helps. The clothes are a little on the expensive side, but they seem to be of good quality. They also have a little fashion magazine, a la net-a-porter, which is quite helpful in figuring out how to style some of the pieces. After flipping through the most recent one, I definitely want the bustier dress!

I spoke a little more with Holly and she offered to send me a piece of clothing from Isabella Oliver to review here. I chose the striped top and two days later, it was here!

The shirt is quite stretchy, but there isn't a size or garment tag inside of it, so I'm not quite sure what it's made of. I'm guessing cotton with lycra, but like I said, that's a total guess. Also, I think the shirt is one size fits all. I don't see the shirt on their site anymore, I suppose because they just launched their winter collection -- more on that later.

I had my best friend style and take these pictures so you could see how stretchy the shirt is. Here, essentially, I was wearing it as a dress with leggings... something I've never done before! Shocking, I know. :P I meant to take a picture wearing it normally, but we went on a hunt for pho and got sidetracked.

Hat, my friend's; vest, Old Navy; striped top, Isabella Oliver; leggings, hell if I know (gift from a friend); bag, Target; shoes, Rue 21.

Striped top, Isabella Oliver; leggings, gift from a friend; bag, somewhere in Tokyo; shoes, Torrid.

The shirt is shirred on the left side, so it bunches up naturally, which makes the shirt not feel so skin-tight, despite the fact that it's very stretchy. Speaking truthfully, I am definitely a fan of Isabella Oliver. The clothes are of great quality, and from the people that I've spoken to at the company, they seem to really take pride in customer service. Like I said before, these might not be the pieces you want to get if you're on a tight budget (the stripe shirt was around $130); that being said, I think they could be great basic "investment" pieces.

Here are a few picks from the winter collection:

The Cape

The Shirt Coat

The Lace Corset Belt

The Roxy Tote (Sara Berman for Isabella Oliver)

Item pictures from isabellaoliver.com. Others by Liz. (Thanks!!)
Hi everyone!

I was at the beach this past week, so that's why I haven't posted anything, but there are a few things for you guys to look forward to:

- A review of Isabella Oliver clothing

- New purchases!

- Maybe my sneaker collection?? (That depends on how ambitious I'm feeling.)

I miss the beach, but I'm happy to be back and reading your blogs and comments again! :)

Rodarte for Target

Online December 20!!

I'm really excited, but also a liiiiiiiiittle wary. I mean, it's at Target -- it's not going to be AS nice as their designer clothing, but here's hoping the collection is nice. Target's designer collabos have had their share of hits...

Vogue Paris Editorial (scans by AngelLover at TFS)

There was a John Galliano picture here, but I took it down because the fact that the model's face was painted black made me more than a little uncomfortable.